Take care of your mind & body, aesthetically.

Opal & Tourmaline is a wellness brand, focused on helping you improve your mental and physical health in the most breathtaking way. We provide you with high quality, luxurious yoga mats, without harming the environment!

Each design has been carefully chosen to refresh your energy, lift your spirits and inspire you to work on yourself to become the best "you" that you can be.

We hope you love our first collection!


I just received my mat and I can honestly say that I’m in love with it. It is truly a luxury mat. It has an amazing grip and at the same time feels like silk. The colors are dreamy and set the mood for a great yoga practice. Highly recommend.

Davira Bareli, Yoga Instructor

As a yoga teacher, I've tried yoga mats of all kinds. I've looked for a mat that's easy to carry around and one that makes me feel confident that I won't slip. Opal & Tourmaline answered my prayers and exceeded my expectations! From far it seems like it'd be thin, being 3mm, but because of the great fabric and natural tree rubber base its extremely special and comfortable. Now I can move freely and in style!

Stav Eisenberg, Yoga Instructor

Opal & Tourmaline reached above all expectations I had before I saw the mats physically for the first time. I can't stop meditating! It is so comfortable and soothing and the energy I get from unrolling it already makes my day better. Highly recommend buying - even if it's just for working out and not yoga!

Tamara Z, Customer

Absolutely love these yoga mats! I believe that ones ability to achieve focus and mental clarity when doing yoga is influenced by their surroundings and feelings at the time, and these magical designs have been a game changer for me. Highly recommend!

Darren F, Fitness

The mat is extremely high quality, a comfortable texture, and it doesn't slide around. I love the artistic and unique design.

Shir Or, Yogi

Where wellness meets aesthetics.


Please contact us via email for any questions about the product, general inquires and returns. Please note that there is a limit of two yoga mats per order.