are you am i #ootd

This post is dedicated to this top that I’ve had for a while, but never given it the credit it deserves & put an outfit together for a shoot.. so here it is.

This gorgeous top is from Are You Am I, by @rumineely, one of my top role models. She followed her dreams of creating her own brand & is now designing clothes that are being worn by celebrities like Amanda Steele & Bella Hadid..

It seems like she’s achieved her dream & is not only hugely successul, but beautiful & I’m constantly inspired by her. She sets the example for making your passion into your career, something I hope to emulate too🙏🏼

Even though I can’t afford most of her clothing, I’m lucky enough to own this adorable strapless top. Thanks to @itsloushka for the amazing photos as usual🧡

I paired the shirt with some army green pants, vans & a brown teddy bear coat, which are super trendy atm! I accessorized with my favorite black vintage glasses from Private Vintage Collection.

Thank you so much for reading, & please keep on doing so as I have a lot to say!

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outfit of the day✨

My #ootd today was a vintage chic look. We (me & @itsloushka) shot on the streets of Rothschild in Tel Aviv, personally my favorite location that captures the essence of my beautiful city.

I wore a vintage leather jacket from Zara & over that a sleeveless coat from River Island. I love the layered look & it was perfect for today’s weather.

I wore my black lace bodysuit from Asos, & completed the all black look with boots from Zara & black sunglasses. I threw on this grey barette, never worn one of these before & I kinda liked it, but it’s very different to my usual look.

Kept it short & sweet today, thanks so much for reading & please keep on doing so as I have a lot to say!

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3 trends for Spring Summer 2018

With a new year comes new exciting trends & more inspiration for fashion week. I did some research for us to find out how to stay fashionable for the upcoming seasons, hope you enjoy!

trend #1: stay in check

Once again, checked clothing is going to be super trendy for the season. Here’s how designers styled their models with checkered pieces like coats, trousers or dresses:

trend #2: asymmetrical

This trend speaks for itself.. here’s how brands like Dion Lee & Celine incorporated this trend into their runways:

trend #3: fringed

Admit, wearing fringe makes you want to walk around & enjoy the movement that the style creates. Fringed items were spotted on runways of Calvin Klein, Chanel & more:

On that note, thanks so much for reading & please keep on doing so as I have a LOT to say!

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la vie en jaune

You know what they say: when life gives you lemons, head to a market & shoot your next fashion post..

Well, something like that.

Anyway, for yesterday’s #ootd, I went for a vintage look (of course) wearing this bodysuit from Adika, in my favorite color for the season, & paired it with my ride or die boyfriend jeans & black boots from Topshop that I’ve had for a few years.

I threw on my new black leather jacket from Zara & a double buckled belt from Asos, as well as these vintage glasses from Private Vintage Collection.

Definitely loving the blue & yellow combo!

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3 ways to wear your winter trench coat

Firstly, happy new year❤️

I hope everyone sets their standards high for 2018 & achieves as much as they can! We can only improve from 2017 & we’re the only ones in control of that so lets kill it.

Here in Tel Aviv we’re staring off the new year in freezing cold weather & I’m solely relying on coats to keep me going this winter. One of my favorites is my new trench coat from Zara, it’s super classic & trendy, everyone should have a trench coat like this in their closet because it can be worn so many different ways, & I’m going to show you 3.

look #1: risqué

You know that feeling you get when you have an outfit idea in your head & you have to find the clothes to put it together? That’s exactly what happened here. I’ve been searching for an interesting way to mix lace & fur (faux of course) & I thought of this combination. This gorgeous red lace bodysuit & tri tone faux fur scarf are from Asos, & the coat is from Zara as I said before. I paired it with simple black jeans & black boots from Topshop that I bought a few years ago.

I’d wear this look to a more formal event, a dinner date or even a meeting.

look #2: vintage tomboy

I’m a huuge fan of anything vintage, & I definitely wanted to show that in this option. Like I said in my last outfit post, boyfriend jeans make me feel super comfortable & confident because they suit me really well. This is another pair I have from my fave vintage store in Tel Aviv (@flashbackvintagestore). I styled the coat & jeans with this cute shirt & some old school vans. I stole this hat from my mom to finish off the look. Definitely one of my favorites.

This is more of an everyday look for me, so I’d wear it out to any casual event or to run some errands.

look #3: lady in black

Last but not least, an all black look. I love how black & camel look together, & its an outfit that anyone can wear. It doesn’t have to be with a crop top & boots, but it’s a super universal look.

In my version I wore a black crop & wide leg pants, with my pointed boots from Zara. I threw on my oversized shades from Carolina Lemke to finish it off.

This look is slightly more formal, so I’d wear it anywear where I’d want to look chic but casual.

Thank you so much for reading, & please keep on doing so as I have a LOT to say!

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2017 reflections

This year I can easily say I went through the most changes compared to any other year so far.

[Quick reminder: I moved to Israel alone at the end of 2014 and have lived here since]

In January I started taking my blog a little more seriously, after stopping for a year or two because blogging from the boarding school was almost impossible & I was extremely restricted & could never land any opportunities being there.

In April I wrote my final exams & pushed for the last few (awful) months of 12th grade. In the middle of that, me & my best friend Eden Sisson went on a super spontaneous 3 day trip to Eilat (our vlog is on my YouTube channel) & it was for sure the most unpredictable but amazing trips I’ve taken.

prom (pink) & graduation (black)

I’m really proud of myself for getting through those 3 years in boarding school, it wasn’t easy.. and anyone who experienced it with me can agree. I met my best friends for life there, I could never have it any other way.. so like I always say, everything happens for a reason.

This is where everything changed.

“You never know what you have until it’s gone” is the realest statement & I’m pretty sure everyone has had their moment where this applied to them.

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kendall jenner inspired OOTD

Kendall Jenner has always been someone who inspires fashion everywhere & anywhere, and I’ve looked up to her as a fashion icon for a long time.

I always wanted to try high boots & baggy jeans after I saw this photo she posted on her Instagram, except here she’s wearing these amazing YSL boots whereas I went for a more casual look.

I wore my @flashbackvintagestore jeans, my favorites of all time (mostly cos they’re one of the only pairs of jeans that I can actually wear without feeling uncomfortable) & black high boots from Call It Spring. Continue reading “kendall jenner inspired OOTD”

winter transitions

We’re bringing back our boots & blazers as its time to try and stay fashionable without freezing in the cold..

I paired this black polar neck shirt with ripped denim jeans & black booties to match, and threw on my favorite plaid blazer for my outerwear. This pattern is still trending, after being seen everywhere during fashion week. I bought this one from Zara, as well as my pointed boots.

I was finally able to use one of my new bags, from Wood Grey, as seen used by Chriselle Lim, one of my #1 favorite bloggers. I found this website through her Instagram, & couldn’t help but order a few for myself.

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fall swatches

I’m so excited for fall! I’m starting to see all the upcoming trends & color schemes in stores & I can’t wait to test them out.

Ankle boots & super high waisted pants are my current obsession.

Outfit details: pants from Mango, shoes here.

Thank you so much for reading, & keep on doing so as I have a LOT to say!

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sunsets in Montefiore

There is nothing better than the golden hour here in Tel Aviv. The sun paints the sky a deep bronze, creating picture perfect moments. 

My #ootd was this white off the shoulder shirt (link here) which I paired with black skinny jeans (here) and nude Steve Madden sandals. My sunglasses are from Carolina Lemke. 

It’s a stylish yet relaxed fit for almost any occaision. 

Thanks so much for reading, and keep on doing so because I have a lot to say!

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