are you am i #ootd

This post is dedicated to this top that I’ve had for a while, but never given it the credit it deserves & put an outfit together for a shoot.. so here it is. This gorgeous top is from Are You Am I, by @rumineely, one of my top role models. She followed her dreams of […]

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outfit of the day✨

My #ootd today was a vintage chic look. We (me & @itsloushka) shot on the streets of Rothschild in Tel Aviv, personally my favorite location that captures the essence of my beautiful city. I wore a vintage leather jacket from Zara & over that a sleeveless coat from River Island. I love the layered look […]

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kendall jenner inspired OOTD

Kendall Jenner has always been someone who inspires fashion everywhere & anywhere, and I’ve looked up to her as a fashion icon for a long time. I always wanted to try high boots & baggy jeans after I saw this photo she posted on her Instagram, except here she’s wearing these amazing YSL boots whereas […]

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