After a freezing winter in Johannesburg, I put together some of my favorite pieces to create 4 outfits from my favorite brands and created a winter look book.

It’s always important to me to be stylish but still comfortable & warm at the same time!

The trends that I spotted a lot this winter season were long coats, faux fur accessories, bomber jackets & pointed heels. In terms of colors & fabrics, it was all about the nudes.

Outfit #1

The first outfit is completely casual, but still stylish. I chose an olive green bomber jacket from Zara, and paired it with a plain white tee & Yeezy 350 sneakers. I love this look for a normal day out to the mall or just to run some errands. Continue reading “WINTER LOOK BOOK 2015”


my Passion for Photography

April 2014, 15 year old me discovered a burning passion for photography.

So I started up a small photography service and I worked every weekend, earning just the right amount of cash for a teenager. I fell in love with the way that the camera could capture so many different facial expressions and emotions. I fell in love with walking on the streets and seeing something interesting and capturing that moment forever.

Photography has become a big part of my life, it is a way that I can support myself (as a 16 year old) and still do the one thing that I love the most. I think it is essential in life to find your passion and pursue it in the most beneficial way, by making it your career. I can think of nothing better than earning money for simply doing what you love. Continue reading “my Passion for Photography”

the meaning behind Opal & Tourmaline

I was born on the 7th of October, 1998. 

Now, October has two birthstones: Opal & Tourmaline.

(tor – mah – leen)

Lets go back in time a little. The Opal used to be a symbol of hope to the Ancient Romans, and it is now associated with purity, hope, innocence & faith. The Tourmaline, being a more recent discovery, doesn’t have an interesting background, myths or legends.. but it is known as the ‘Peace Stone’, believing to eliminate anger, fear & jealousy. It is also believed to enhance the creativity of whoever wears it.

I haven’t always been so interested in whose birthday means what, and who gets which stone, but since I dived a little deeper, I discovered that birth stones, birth flowers and so on actually tell a lot about someone’s personality or character. It also goes way back to ancient times and to the ways that people lived their lives based on these gemstones and what they say about a person.

So the main reason I chose to represent myself with the names of October’s birthstones, is because I can relate to the characteristics of the stones and I can see how they are linked to my personality and the way I was brought up. I was always an innocent child, and I always stayed faithful to what I believed in, and the people that loved me. I can also say that I am a strong believer in keeping the peace between the people that are important to me and the people that surround me. These are some examples of similarities I’ve found in myself and with my gemstones.

So take a few minutes of your time to do some research on the gemstones associated with your birth month, and you might just find out things that you never knew about your personality.

Aaaand now you know the meaning behind the strange name of my blog.

Thank you so much for reading, and please keep on doing so as I have a LOT to say.

Morgan Cohen xo