This is going to be a very long post, so bear w/ me. It is also overdue, due to the fact that I had to find words to describe my Poland experience.

(All photos in this post were taken by me with my Canon 650D).

In August 2016, I was lucky enough to be a part of the annual trip to Poland with my school, & there is nothing in this world that I would exchange in place of that week of my life.

This post is about the significance of the things that I saw, experienced & felt. The Holocaust was an awful tragedy that affected the Jewish population terribly, however we are still strong & undefeated, which makes me incredibly proud to be Jewish.

The flight was early in the morning, & I remember meeting my best friend moments before heading to the airport with the rest of our group. We were beyond excited, but couldn’t help the feeling of not knowing what to expect, or what to feel.

On the airplane I remember when we saw our first glimpse of Warsaw from above. I grabbed my camera to take a photo of the view & I knew I was already in love with Poland. Continue reading “DEATH CAMPS, CREMATORIUMS & A MOUNTAIN OF ASHES”


the future awaits

After not being able to write in a while, I was given a chance to find myself & explore my creativity.

Recently I was lucky enough to meet a photographer who has similar dreams & goals to me. It has already been an amazing experience to collaborate with someone who shares the same passion as I do, & I am impatient to see what we will be able to achieve.

Photo: Tal Fox

It is always exciting to meet someone that is able to share their own perspective on photography & to be able to learn from them.

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my Passion for Photography

April 2014, 15 year old me discovered a burning passion for photography.

So I started up a small photography service and I worked every weekend, earning just the right amount of cash for a teenager. I fell in love with the way that the camera could capture so many different facial expressions and emotions. I fell in love with walking on the streets and seeing something interesting and capturing that moment forever.

Photography has become a big part of my life, it is a way that I can support myself (as a 16 year old) and still do the one thing that I love the most. I think it is essential in life to find your passion and pursue it in the most beneficial way, by making it your career. I can think of nothing better than earning money for simply doing what you love. Continue reading “my Passion for Photography”