2017 reflections

This year I can easily say I went through the most changes compared to any other year so far.

[Quick reminder: I moved to Israel alone at the end of 2014 and have lived here since]

In January I started taking my blog a little more seriously, after stopping for a year or two because blogging from the boarding school was almost impossible & I was extremely restricted & could never land any opportunities being there.

In April I wrote my final exams & pushed for the last few (awful) months of 12th grade. In the middle of that, me & my best friend Eden Sisson went on a super spontaneous 3 day trip to Eilat (our vlog is on my YouTube channel) & it was for sure the most unpredictable but amazing trips I’ve taken.

prom (pink) & graduation (black)

I’m really proud of myself for getting through those 3 years in boarding school, it wasn’t easy.. and anyone who experienced it with me can agree. I met my best friends for life there, I could never have it any other way.. so like I always say, everything happens for a reason.

This is where everything changed.

“You never know what you have until it’s gone” is the realest statement & I’m pretty sure everyone has had their moment where this applied to them.

Once I left the boarding school, it was like being thrown into the deep end & reality hit me fast. I was basically homeless & alone.. except for a few amazing people who helped me out when I needed, but because I was alone in the country it was difficult for me to settle anywhere & I had to be incredibly independant & had to mature quickly.

This lasted about 4 months, until my mom made the decision to move out here & I can’t be more thankful for that.

So I went from having nowhere to stay & very little company, to finally having my own place with my family & I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Since then I’ve had my own space to grow & learn more about myself & where I want to be, met even more amazing people, photographers & new friends, & have been able to put a lot more time & effort into my blog which I’m extremely happy about seeing as modeling, fashion, writing & photography are my passions, & doing so keeps me sane.

photo by JD Ben Baron (@jdbenbaron)

This is starting to sound like an English assignment so I’m going to cut it here, & just leave you all with the two major things I learned this year: always appreciate what you have & follow your heart❤️

Thank you so much for reading, & please keep on doing so as I have a LOT to say!

Connect w me, @morganjamiecohen & @morganjamiephotography on Instagram

Morgan Jamie xo


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