friendship is eternal

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Eden Sisson

I’m dedicating this post to some people who are extremely important in my life.

I want to share how vital it is to remember all those who have been by your side since the beginning, those who will support you unconditionally & those who will stick with you as a team through everything & anything that life throws at you. These people are rare to find, & I just happen to be lucky that the universe conspired perfectly so that I could meet my best friends here in Israel.

Always take every opportunity to appreciate & thank those special people in your life. It is impossible to know when you will share your last moments together (so morbid) but its the truth. Life’s events are so unexpected & you can’t ride the waves without a solid support system.

Thank you for reading, & please keep on doing so as I have a LOT to say.

Morgan Jamie

all photos by me

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