the future awaits

After not being able to write in a while, I was given a chance to find myself & explore my creativity.

Recently I was lucky enough to meet a photographer who has similar dreams & goals to me. It has already been an amazing experience to collaborate with someone who shares the same passion as I do, & I am impatient to see what we will be able to achieve.

Photo: Tal Fox

It is always exciting to meet someone that is able to share their own perspective on photography & to be able to learn from them.

We went to a breathtaking area of Tel Aviv, Israel on the beach at golden hour, and we took some incredible photographs. It is all a new experience for me & we have huge plans for the future of our photography careers. It is the end of the year, the new year is just around the corner holding immense amounts of potential & discovery.

I also got the opportunity to use Tal’s film camera, which was completely new to me. You feel much more involved in the photography because you have to manually adjust the settings of the camera. New

One of the greatest decisions I have made so far is to follow my passion with a positive mindset & high hopes for the new opportunities that await.

Some of my favorite photos from the photo shoot are in the gallery below. I chose a casual bohemian look, to go with the calm & relaxed feel of the setting.

We created a vlog that shows the beginning of our collaboration, which is up on my YouTube channel.

Click this link to view the video.

Thank you for reading, and please continue to do so as I have a LOT to say.

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