How to Love Yourself

This post relates to mainly women and girls.

There are many reasons for why you don’t think you’re beautiful.

One reason could be that in today’s day & age the word beauty simply means ‘perfection’.

This idea of perfection is perceived by unrealistic expectations of unhealthy weights, photo shopped bodies, fame, money & luxurious life styles. Perfection doesn’t exist. It’s not real. What looks so ‘perfect’ on the outside is almost always flawed on the inside. These days, nothing is what it seems.

In my opinion, a majority of the people that make up today’s society assume that because someone does not look like a person is “supposed” to, does not have legs that never end or perfect skin, then they are considered ugly, or there is no need to pay them any attention. There is so much more to a person than what they show. There is a personality, character, love, and beauty. But they will never be given a chance by society because they don’t “fit” society’s idea of normal.

A camera cannot capture the authentic beauty that lies deep within someone’s personality.

Real beauty (as cliché as it sounds) comes from the inside, and will show on the outside. Maybe not in society’s form of beauty, but it’s true and it’s real. I’m not saying that the people with incredible bodies & smooth skin aren’t beautiful, I’m saying that those who don’t have the most perfect hair or facial structure are beautiful too.

The next time you look at yourself & think “I look so ugly today,” think again. Because you are probably the only person that would think that of yourself. Anyone who would say it to someone’s face or behind their backs is simply reflecting their own inner imperfections.

The word ”ugly” refers to all of these imperfections that everyone is so afraid of.

Your least favourite features are the most precious parts of who you are. They’re what makes you different, beautiful & unique in your own way. There are increasing amounts of people who are breaking the internet because they started loving their insecurities.

The model, Chantelle Brown Young, took her greatest incurable insecurity & made a career out of it. People are slowly starting to love themselves, without wanting to change the things that they hate about themselves.

Chantelle Brown Young, also known as Winnie Harlow

Now it’s your turn.

Instead of thinking about how “fat” you look in those jeans, be thankful you have legs to walk on. Beautiful ones, too.

It’s a choice only you can make. It takes ONE moment of your life to change your perspective of yourself. In that moment you can decide to keep wasting your time trying to look identical to an edited photograph, or you could start loving yourself a little more, and giving yourself credit for being who you are.

Society’s idea of beauty needs to change, and it can only start with how we see ourselves.

We need to start focusing on the important things in life, like finishing school with good grades & focusing on our future. As much as we need to start viewing ourselves differently, and in a better light, it’s also important to stop judging others based on what they appear to be.

I am still on a long path to changing how I see myself, and to start focusing on the more important aspects of life such as surrounding myself with people who bring out the best in me & focusing on my own future. I hope I made a small difference in how you see yourself today, or how you’ll see yourself tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, & please keep on doing so as I have a LOT to say.

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Morgan Cohen xo


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