Relationship Talk: breakups, make ups & heartbreaks

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Two people who are utterly & unconditionally in love with one another. It all looks so easy. Finding that perfect someone, being in a relationship & having that someone to hold you when you cry, kiss when you feel like it or laugh with until your stomach hurts. You look at other people’s relationships and think, they look so happy together, & it seems like nothing would ever come between them.

However, what seems so perfect on the outside is hardly ever as perfect & beautiful on the inside.

It takes trust, faith, compromise, strength, unconditional love & support, & self control to handle a relationship in the teen age.

When you take the time to get to know someone, really well, you start to see that it isn’t all about their appearance, flowers or chocolates on your 1 month anniversary. It becomes about how you compromise to make each other happy, the small sacrifices you make, going the extra length to show someone you really care, or surprising them at the most unexpected times just to make them smile.

Months pass, even a year or two, and you fall deeper & deeper in love. You know more about that person than you do about anyone else. You know how to make them smile, you know their deepest secret & their most embarrassing story. Trust grows. Love deepens. It all feels like a dream.

The first fight, the first heart break & the first sleepless night filled with tears is always the hardest. The pain is excruciating. You feel like someone is slowly creating a huge hole in the middle of your body. It feels like the weight of the world is all on your shoulders. It feels like all hope is lost. The trust is gone, the love is fading & all hope is lost.

The only thing that can help is time. Time heals everything – speaking from experience. When it feels like the end of the world & like nothing can ever help you, just remember that it’s all a learning lesson: if you never experience heart ache & pain, how will you ever learn how to cope with it? If you never meet the wrong person, how will you know who is right? If you never feel alone, how will you know who your real company is?

Even at the youngest of ages, as most relationships seem to start these days, it is a one in a million chance that you will meet your Prince Charming on the first try. You need to meet a variety of people who have completely different personalities, interesting stories & something more to offer than materialistic things.

The saying, ‘there are plenty fish in the sea’ is extremely accurate. You never know how incredible someone can be, if you haven’t met more than one special person. Don’t base your entire life on one bad relationship, or one heart break, because the person who you are meant to be with will always be out there. It’s up to you to learn from the bad times, & prevent it from happening a second time. Don’t ever forget the heart breaks, the mistakes or even the good times. It all leads up to something spectacular which you will never be able to imagine until it’s standing in front of you.

Another word of advice, or a few.. always be open minded & think of both sides of an issue. If the love is still there, don’t bury it without giving it a second chance. There is always a possibility of people changing. But if you are unhappy, or someone makes you feel like you’re not enough, there is someone better out there that is waiting to be found. Put yourself first once in a while.

Thank you so much for reading, & please keep on doing so because I have a LOT to say.

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Morgan Cohen xo


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