After a freezing winter in Johannesburg, I put together some of my favorite pieces to create 4 outfits from my favorite brands and created a winter look book.

It’s always important to me to be stylish but still comfortable & warm at the same time!

The trends that I spotted a lot this winter season were long coats, faux fur accessories, bomber jackets & pointed heels. In terms of colors & fabrics, it was all about the nudes.

Outfit #1

The first outfit is completely casual, but still stylish. I chose an olive green bomber jacket from Zara, and paired it with a plain white tee & Yeezy 350 sneakers. I love this look for a normal day out to the mall or just to run some errands.

Outfit #2

The second outfit I put together is one of my absolute favorites. I bought a plain yet elegant jumpsuit from a South African designer, and paired it with nude pointed heels from Aldo. It is a more formal look, so I would suggest wearing it to a dressy party or a lunch date.

Outfit #3

The third look is for a slightly warmer winter day. Trench coats & waist coats were the main focus for this winter season, so I paired olive green formal pants from Topshop with this gorgeous short sleeved waist coat from River Island. I decided on nude pointed heels & a basic cropped white tank top. You can also wear this look with nude flats, which would be great for a day out with friends or a formal event.

Outfit #4

The last look was 100% inspired by Kim K, one of my greatest fashion idols, alongside Kylie Jenner & Victoria Beckham.  I paired a black plunged body suit with a figure hugging black skirt. The magnificent & flowing peach coat makes it all come to life. I also added nude pointed heels, just to give the whole look some height. I would definitely wear this to a formal event, or for a fancy date night.

Thank you for reading, & please keep on doing so as I have a LOT to say.

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Morgan Cohen xo


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